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Its performance has earned the broker high ratings from users on Google Play and the Apple Store. Overall experience with FXDD customer service was very positive. All of our requests were answered quickly and professionally. FXDD offers English, Italian, Spanish, and 3 other major world languages.

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The only fee Zulutrade charges is a $30 per month subscription fee if you sign up for the profit sharing account. All other fees are controlled by the broker that makes your trades. The success though, depends on you learning to invest and manage your funds correctly as much as any other factors. As with any type of trading, there is always the chance of losses but as our Zulutrade review shows, they provide you with an excellent number of tools to set yourself up for success. This brings a social aspect to trading with Zulutrade, in that when you select an asset, the platform will show you on the chart exactly where other traders have opened and closed the position. This can be useful information particularly as a new trader.

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They feel as though the services they provide are enticing enough that they do not need extensive welcome offers. However, ZuluTrade does offer new clients to the platform minor promotions from time to time. For instance, a recent welcome offer that they had was a $25 no deposit bonus just for signing up.

  • Any company with a product that is dependent on technology or network systems has risks involved, as does any business that handles sensitive data, and Zulutrade has both of these potential risks.
  • Remember the risk of trading Forex & CFD – it’s one of the riskiest forms of xcritical.
  • As for withdrawals, ZuluTrade clients are limited to withdrawing funds only by the methods supported by them and not by other brokers.
  • It will be beneficial for experienced traders who are already conversant with market conditions and can give them direct market positions to follow.

It’s recommended to follow traders who have been successful over longer periods of time. For example, following a trader with a 25% return over twelve months is a far safer option than following a trader with a 25% return over seven days and only a month’s worth of verifiable data. Spread your risk – Going all-in on just one trader or trade idea is a recipe for disaster. Follow traditional trading strategies by diversifying between multiple traders and staying low risk on each trade (1-2% of your trading account value). US customers can take advantage of these features too, but on a slightly more limited basis.

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Every broker which is a partner of Zulutrade and which you can connect to your account is very well-regulated within their respective jurisdictions. To this end, Zulutrade only allows regulated brokers to connect with their services. This can be done through the ZuluTrade social area where you can visit other traders’ profiles, comment there, leave ratings, ask questions, and interact with each other. Once you are set up as a signal provider with ZuluTrade you will will be compensated depending on the volumes traded through the Classic account.

LockTrade is another service that enables traders to confirm and verify a trade’s execution after the signal is received. This means that you will be able to track your activity and confirming that the platform is following through with the strategy you selected. You will also find different features that resemble those of a social network platform, where you can comment on posts and interact on message forums.

What are the pros and cons of social trading vs traditional trading?

Other promotions that are continuous with the ZuluTrade platform are contests. Traders can participate in trading contests where the trader with the highest ROI wins the competition. These contests generally reward around $5000 in prizes and occur once or twice a month. Both new and existing traders can participate in these contests by paying a small fee to enter. xcriticalGO is xcritical’s flagship mobile trading platform, providing users with an intuitive, user-friendly mobile trading experience. In terms of features, users will recognise many of the tools available on the web trading platform including some extra social and copy trading features.

With copy trading platforms, novice traders can take a shortcut to the top without facing any financial. The platform of ZuluTrade has evolved into a service that transforms financial advice from expert traders into executed trades. However carefully you choose traders to follow, each one will eventually experience a sudden and large loss which will more than reverse all gains. Note that when this happens, the trader will simply open a new account so that their bad trading losses no loger show up in their performance. The Zulutrade trader account is the type which is available solely for signal providers. If you are interested in being copied and opening this type of account, then you will have to give various types of information to the copy trading broker.

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We’ve gone through, authoritative user-generated and broker listings/reviews websites to, hopefully, offer more clarity on the reception among its clients. Although nowadays there is plenty of information available on every broker, this does not make it easier to take a thoughtful decision. The abundance of information can quickly become overwhelming and confuse traders rather than provide clear answers.

  • However, this leads to inexperienced traders becoming over-leveraged and taking higher risks.
  • This only means that you need to be an active trader to enjoy what xcritical offers.
  • FXDD offers English, Italian, Spanish, and 3 other major world languages.

To me, there are alarm bells ringing that would probably have stopped me from following this trader if I was using real money. But because it’s a demo account, and it’s kind of helpful for me to show you, kind of demo account mentality, as it were. So you do react differently, xcritical scammers It’s a fact of human nature that you’re going to do things differently. So you can’t always learn a lot from a demo account and I’ve been trading for so long with the live account, I didn’t really want to have my live account blatted all over the Internet.

Does ZuluTrade have mobile trading platforms?

Next, you can browse through the list of available traders and go through their statistics. Then, you can choose to follow an individual trader by selecting your preferred individual and clicking the “Follow” button. Have some qualities, including a win percentage of over 30%, long term positive return on xcritical, execution of over 100 trades, and stable trading activity of a minimum of 15 weeks. You have two options https://dreamlinetrading.com/ to open a Real Investor’s Account with ZuluTrade. You can either use one of your social accounts, such as Facebook or Google, or you can choose to fill in the registration form manually and register with your email and phone number. If you open a ZuluTrade account manually, before you can proceed, please remember to check your inbox for the verification email so that you can confirm account opening via the link.